BannerCrafting - UnderdogDogShow
Started On
26 February 2018
Ended On
8 March 2018
Hosted By
Crafting Station
Decor - Best in Show Ribbon
Best in Show Ribbon
The Underdog Dog Show mission took place in February 2018. It started on February 26 and ran for 10 days.



Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station for this event is an Best in Show Ribbon. It can craft the following four items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - UnderdogDogShow01

Dog Collar

none 2 mins 20 N/A

Crafting - UnderdogDogShow02

Chew Toy

Dog Training Manual x3 45 mins 18 N/A

Crafting - UnderdogDogShow03


Dog Collar x1

Chew Toy x1

Item: 3 hrs

Total: 3 hrs 47 mins

8 Dalmatian Chair

Crafting - UnderdogDogShow04


Dog Collar x1

Kibble x1

Retractable Leash x2

Item: 7 hrs

Total: 10 hrs 49 mins

4 N/A

The Dog Training Manual (54) and the Retractable Leash (8) are requestable gift items.


Step 1: Meet Flash, The Jack Russell Terrier
  1. Scramble to find a chew toy using a bookshelf
  2. Get Flash a bowl of water using a kitchen sink
  3. Enthusiastically sing the puppy song using a karaoke machine
Step 2: Pun Me A Headache
  1. Ignore Jenna's existence by napping using a bed
  2. Place the Best in Show Ribbon in your apartment
  3. Have 1 Dog Collar

Total Crafting Time: 2 mins

Step 3: To Become An Underdog
  1. Flip through dog competition jargon using a magazine rack
  2. Question patrons 3 times at the cafe
  3. Have 2 Kibble

Total Crafting Time: 7 hrs 34 mins

Step 4: Let The Training Begin!
  1. Currency - Glam
    Order a Jack Russel training manual using a computer
  2. Watch a dog training program using a television
  3. Have 5 Chew Toy

Total Crafting Time: 3 hrs 45 mins

Step 5: Prepare To Dig, You Dig?
  1. Grab frozen dog treats using a refrigerator
  2. Go to the park using the front door
  3. Have 3 Woof

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 8 hrs 27 mins

Step 6: Gone In A Flash!
  1. Inform friends about the missing dog 4 times using a phone
  2. Post missing dog posters using the cafe bulletin board
  3. Have 2 Kibble

Total Crafting Time: 7 hrs 34 mins

Step 7: Return Of The Digging Doggo
  1. Currency - Gold
    Wash your hand using a sink
  2. Playfull shove V into the bathtub using a bathtub
  3. Have 7 Dog Collar

Total Crafting Time: 14 mins

Step 8: He's Going To Be A Superstar
  1. Hype V up on a couch
  2. Show the video using a computer
  3. Have 5 Chew Toy

Total Crafting Time: 3 hrs 45 mins

Step 9: One Dog To Rule Them All
  1. Brew Valerian Root Tea using a coffee maker
  2. Warm a sandwich for Eugene using a microwave
  3. Have 1 Woof

Total Crafting Time: 10 hrs 49 mins

Step 10: Who's A Good Boy?
  1. Give Eugene a cold glas of water using a refrigerator
  2. Play spa music using a stereo
  3. Take a warm shower using a shower
Total Mission Crafting Time: 2 days 18 hrs 10 mins


The reward for completing the Underdog Dog Show mission on time is the "Underdog Dog Show Bundle": Dog Walking Outfit, Dachshund Bench (230 decor style; Rest: 3 stars) and Dog Shelf (230 decor style; Fun + Art: 3 stars).

UnderdogDogShow - Dog Walking Outfit
UnderdogDogShow - Dachshund Bench
UnderdogDogShow - Dog Shelf

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting Kibble there is a chance of receiving the Dalmatian Chair (240 decor style; Rest: 3 stars).

UnderdogDogShow - Dalmatian Chair