BannerCrafting - TheCursedCrafter
Started On
10 October 2014
Ended On
20 October 2014
Hosted By
Crafting Station
Decor - Gothic Sewing Machine
Gothic Sewing Machine

The The Cursed Crafter mission took place in October of 2014. It started on October 10 and ran for 10 days.


The mission starts off with Jenna ...

Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station for this event is a Gothic Sewing Machine. It can craft the following four items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - TheCursedCrafter01


none 3 mins 22 N/A

Crafting - TheCursedCrafter02

Skirt Piece

Velvet x1

Sequins x1

Item: 20 mins

Total: 23 mins

5 N/A

Crafting - TheCursedCrafter03

Bodice Piece

Velvet x1

Sheath x1

Item: 10 hrs

Total: 10 hrs 3 mins

9 Cleopatra Hair

Crafting - TheCursedCrafter04


Velvet x1

Skirt Piece x1

Bodice Piece x1

Item: 4 hrs

Total: 14 hrs 29 mins

2 N/A

The Sheath and the Sequins are requestable gift items.


Step 1: Rules And Ghules
  1. Consider how to win the Apartment of Terror Contest while sitting on a couch
  2. Plan a costume to make while looking into a mirror
  3. Talk to Zoey the Barista at the coffe shop an ask for help
Step 2: Sew Amazing
  1. Place the crafting station in your apartment
  2. Set a timer using a computer to see just how powerful this crafter really is
  3. Craft Velvet x1

Total Crafting Time: 3 mins

Step 3: Color Check
  1. Take a photo of the materials at the Gothic Sewing Machine
  2. Send photo to Jenna using a computer
  3. Craft Skirt Piece x1

Total Crafting Time: 23 mins

Step 4: A Costume For Charlie
  1. Currency - Glam
    Visit Jenna's Apartment
  2. Get Charlie's Measurements while visiting Jenna's Apartment
  3. Craft Bodice Piece x1

Total Crafting Time: 10 hrs 3 mins

Step 5: Missing Materials
  1. Call Jenna using a phone to see if you can help her track down her missing crafts
  2. Drink coffee using a coffee maker to prepare yourself for more crafting
  3. Craft Skirt Piece x2

Total Crafting Time: 46 mins

Step 6: A Spooky Source
  1. Have a chat with Zoey at the coffee shop about Jenna's suspicions
  2. Get photographic evidence of the Gothic Sewing Machine's origins while using your tablet at the coffee shop's couch
  3. Craft Bodice Piece x3

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 6 hrs 9 mins

Step 7: Hieroglyphics Help
  1. Currency - Gold
    Take a clearer photo of the hieroclyphics in scribed on your Gothic Sewing Machine by clicking on it
  2. Send photo to Jenna using a computer
  3. Craft Velvet x5

Total Crafting Time: 15 mins

Step 8: Curses! Foiled Again
  1. Destroy the evidence that the ghost photos were faked using your computer
  2. Hide Hieroglyphic Book suing a bookshelf in your apartment
  3. Craft Bodice Piece x3

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 6 hrs 9 mins

Step 9: Scarily Close
  1. Consult reference illustrations at a bookshelf to help you finish your costume
  2. Hope that this works while sitting on a couch
  3. Craft Capes x2

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 4 hrs 58 mins

Step 10: The Apartment Of Terror
  1. Grab finished costume from your Gothic Sewing Machine
  2. Lie in wait using a bed in your apartment
Total Mission Crafting Time: 4 days 4 hrs 46 mins


The reward for completing the The Cursed Crafter mission on time is the Cleopatra Costume.

TheCursedCrafter - Cleopatra Costume

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting a Bodice Piece, there is a chance of receiving the Cleopatra Hair.

TheCursedCrafter - Cleopatra Hair