early to mid 20's
New York City
Parents, grandparents (not seen)
Quests & Storylines
Elves for Elflings

Thanksgiving 2013 Graduation

Black Friday

Spooky Cafe

Olivia is one of the first people that City Girl meets and befriends upon arriving in New York City.. Olivia is portrayed as hard-working and has an extremely professional style. 


Olivia is an African-American young woman who wears her brown hair in a short and curly bob. She has light brown eyes. She has only been seen in one outfit which consists of a belted white blazer overtop a camisole with a bright red skirt and a brown shoulder bag with gold accents. She also wears a necklace with a dangling heart.


Olivia is portrayed as a no nonsense woman who values hard work and strong friendships, and likes taking care of her friends when they need a hand. However, she is not without fault; in the Be Good, Olivia! missions, she is shown to have gotten into serious trouble at her job for using pirated software, since she is also extremely stingy. Olivia also tends to play the role of "mother" and "moral compass" to the whole group, and as such she sometimes can be prone to treat her friends (and speciallty Jenna) as if they were children.


While a very work-centered and professional individual, Olivia has previously ran into trouble with the law as seen in the Be Good, Olivia! missions. Most of the time, however, she's competent and hardworking, as shown in a whole questline (Graduation) dedicated to her graduation from law school and being valedictorian for her uni generation.