BannerCrafting - CelebrateAutumn
Started On
31 October 2016
Ended On
9 November 2016
Hosted By
Crafting Station
Decor - Apple Crate
Apple Crate

The Celebrate Autumn mission took place in October 2016. It started on October 31 and ran for 10 days.



Crafting StationEdit

The crafting station for this event is an Apple Crate. It can craft the following four items:

Ingredients Crafting Time Required Bonus

Crafting - CelebrateAutumn01

Light Breeze

none 3 mins 15 N/A

Crafting - CelebrateAutumn02

Pear Cider

Pine Cone x2

Oak Leaf x1

35 mins 14 N/A

Crafting - CelebrateAutumn03

Favorite Sweater

Light Breeze x1

Pine Cone x2

Item: 6 hrs 30 mins

Total: 6 hrs 33 mins

5 N/A

Crafting - CelebrateAutumn04

Welcomed Change

Pear Cider x1

Favorite Sweater x1

Item: 8 hrs

Total: 15 hrs 8 mins

3 Pine Cone Garland

The Pine Cone (38) and the Oak Leaf (14) are requestable gift items.


Step 1: Autumn Baby
  1. Admire autumn using a windows
  2. Invite Olivia using a phone
  3. Go to Central Parc using your front door
Step 2: Painful Pile Of Leaves
  1. Grab Jenna a band-aid from the bookshelf
  2. Place the Apple Crate in your apartment
  3. Have 3 Light Breeze

Total Crafting Time: 9 mins

Step 3: Back From Central Parc Redux
  1. Call the landlord to fix the heater using a phone
  2. Make Olivia coffee using a coffee maker
  3. Have 6 Pear Cider

Total Crafting Time: 3 hrs 30 mins

Step 4: Golden Garlands
  1. Currency - Glam
    Grab yarn and string from a bookshelf
  2. Buy spray paint using your front door
  3. Have 2 Favorite Sweater

Total Crafting Time: 13 hrs 6 mins

Step 5: To Mull Or To Mule?
  1. Look up the recipe using a computer
  2. Boil the cider using a stove
  3. Have 5 Pear Cider

Total Crafting Time: 2 hrs 55 mins

Step 6: The Line That Wrapped Around
  1. Grab milk from the refrigerator
  2. Warm up the crumble bars using the microwave
  3. Have 4 Light Breeze

Total Crafting Time: 12 mins

Step 7: A Nice Hearty Meal
  1. Currency - Gold
    Smell fresh for dinner
  2. Take grilled chicken out from the oven
  3. Have 1 Welcomed Change

Total Crafting Time: 15 hrs 8 mins

Step 8: Faves
  1. Think about your favorite part of autumn using a couch
  2. Wash your hands after dinner using a sink
  3. Have 4 Light Breeze

Total Crafting Time: 12 mins

Step 9: Autumn-y Movies
  1. Look up movies on a computer
  2. Watch the movie using a television
  3. Have 2 Welcomed Change

Total Crafting Time: 1 day 6 hrs 16 mins

Step 10: Stars Align
  1. Heat up pear cider using the stove
  2. Head up to the rooftop usng your front door
  3. Take a nap to rest using a bed
Total Mission Crafting Time: days hrs mins


The reward for completing the Celebrate Autumn mission on time is the "Celebrate Autumn Bundle": Fall Leaves Crown, Figgy Fox Sweater' and Fall Walking Boots.

CelebrateAutumn - Fall Leaves Crown
CelebrateAutumn - Figgy Fox Sweater
CelebrateAutumn - Fall Walking Boots

Bonus PrizeEdit

While crafting Welcomed Change there is a chance of receiving the Pine Cone Garland (90 decor style).

CelebrateAutumn - Pine Cone Garland